Saturday, May 12, 2007

True Light

My devotion this morning centers around Psalm 105:19 (ESV) "until what he had said came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him."
Joseph knew what God had promised him in a dream, while he was still a free young man in his father's home; that he would place him in a position of honor and authority -- even authority over his own brothers. But his faith in God's promise was tested time and time again. Just when things were looking up and he was out of the darkness of the well where his angry brothers had thrown him and into the light of a prosperous position in Potiphar's home, the shadow of Potiphar’s lustful and devious wife fell upon him and once more he was imprisoned; wrongfully so.

He correctly interpreted the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker in prison and asked the cupbearer to remember to put in a good word for him when he was set free, yet the cupbearer forgot him and left him there for two long, shadowy years.

God's word tried Joseph, it tested him, until it came to pass many years later. His faith was tried and it was found not wanting. Josephs’ faith – the light of faith that God gave him – overcame the darkness.

Nothing has changed today. God's word is still true and it still shines through the darkness. I am tested by it at times, and have doubted it more times than I care to admit, but I have found it always to be true.

All He has promised me will come to pass in full glorious True Light.
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